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Chinese Tea Art

Known throughout Asia as one of China’s great treasures, tea is second to water as a world beverage. Tea has been linked with health from very beginning, and is prized for its ability to banish fatigue, stimulate the mental powers, and raise the energy level.

The Taoist philosophers and Buddhist monks, who did much to promote tea and improve its cultivation in China, imbued tea drinking with greater meaning than applied to any other beverage. Tea drinking does, in fact, reflect much that is characteristically Chinese, from the taste itself to the way it is served

Leader of the workshop Nadezhda Bugakova provides two ways of getting acquainted with the traditions and the rituals:

1. Chinese Tea Ceremony Attend and take part in a proper Chinese Tea Ceremony (in silence or with comments) of 1 hour.

2. Workshop. Listen about and taste different exclusive teas while learning the basics of performing a tea ceremony by doing it yourself, during a 3 hours workshop.

The program is designed for a wide circle of admirers of tea. It gives a chance to acquire the elementary skills to enjoy of making collection, special and rare Chinese teas.


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